"Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground."
- Judith Thurman


A Bit About Us

This blog began as a way to document and share a year-long travel adventure with my son.  I am a professional photographer (formerly based in the Seattle area until leaving for this trip).  Most of my professional work is portraiture though I also love to photograph documentary work and street photography, among other things.  If you would like to view some of my work, here is a link to my professional website.   I am a single parent to my wonderful son, John,  a truly amazing human being.  I love and admire him so much.  He is a loving, compassionate, wise, and talented person.  I am very fortunate to have him in my life.  

Not long ago, one of those now-or-never moments came in life and, together, we decided now was the time to jump.  Leap is more like it!  Off the edge...with no guarantees.  Let's face it, life promises us no guarantees anyway.  We felt that if we did not take this trip now, the odds were high that we would never to do it (for several reasons).  

One regret I have had in life is that I didn't begin traveling until mid-life.  At the age of 54, having just been through a very difficult two years (and more), I decided I would give myself a gift I had long dreamed of and go abroad for the first time.  I traveled alone on that trip and attended two workshops abroad, while my son stayed back home with his Dad.  I learned so many things during that short time.  Travel truly is the best education; it changes you...for the better.  Traveling makes you a more compassionate and wise human being.  I am so happy that my son will have this opportunity at such a young age.  We owe a great deal of thanks to Mason, John's father and my ex-husband, for without his generous support this trip would not be possible.  

After considering many location options from our Seattle starting point, we both kept coming back to Europe and Canada.  We felt most drawn to those areas.  Europe is our main destination (hence, the domain name) but we definitely wanted to see the 'other side' of Canada and the Atlantic Ocean so we decided to visit Nova Scotia on our way to and from Europe.  There are many countries in Europe we are drawn to and we will not be able to see everything we want to see in a year's time so we will have to make choices.  Our travel style is not to run around and see all the tourist highlights.  We will settle into the locations we choose for a while and experience everything in each locale as much as possible.

My son and I will both share our experiences on this blog.  His will be different than mine for, obviously, he is a different person with his own views and opinions.  He is also autistic (high-functioning Asperger's) and sometimes deals with high levels of anxiety.  He is excited about this adventure together and all that we will see and learn.  He will add posts here whenever he desires and he said he will sign his posts so it is clear that he is authoring and sharing.

We both hope this blog inspires you to follow your heart, take some leaps during your life and find a way to create beautiful experiences for yourself, whether large or small. 

Life is a journey.  Travel the road you choose and enjoy the experience. 

For now... for us... to Europe we go!


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