Brussels After Dark

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored that the day."
- Vincent Van Gogh

AMS: Setting the Standard for Enjoyable Layovers

"Go through your phone book, call people and ask them to drive you to the airport.  The ones who will drive you are your true friends.  The rest aren't bad people; they're just acquaintances."
- Jay Leno

Spitalkirche zum Heiligen Geist

"Let us build such a church, that those who come after us all take us for madmen," said the old canon of Seville, when the great cathedral was planned.  Perhaps through every mind passes some such thought, when it first entertains the design of a great and seemingly impossible action, the end of which it dimly foresees.  This divine madness enters more or less into all our noblest undertakings."  
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My Beloved Firenze

"I was offered a free villa in Hollywood but I said no thank you, I prefer to live in Italy."
- Ennio Morricone

Padua, Italy

"The spirit of humility is sweeter than honey, and those who nourish themselves with this honey produce sweet fruit."
- St. Anthony of Padua